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Do I have to buy an extended warranty from a dealership?

The simple answer is no.

While many dealerships offer extended warranties as an add-on when you purchase a new or used motor vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, caravan, motorhome, truck, boat or jet ski, you are not required to buy the extended warranty from them.


You have the option to shop around and purchase an extended warranty from a third-party or authorised representative like


It's important to note that the terms and coverage of extended warranties can vary widely. Dealers will predominantly only have one warranty supplier with which they have negotiated financial terms with, and this standard practice limits consumer choice.


At, we currently have four suppliers and, in most instances, present you with more than one option. We call this our ‘Best Interest Duty’. It sets us apart from the rest. You determine what provider, product or option is right for you.


Hence, it's important to carefully read the details of any warranty you are considering before making a purchase. Be sure to understand what is covered, what is excluded, and whether there are other terms and conditions, including restrictions on where the vehicle can be serviced and they are any additional servicing requirements.