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Trust Our Products and Services are industry professionals with experience across many things related to the types of assets listed here. Our background includes working for and with Vehicle Manufacturers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Salary Packaging Providers, Commercial/ Personal Insurance and Finance Brokers.


You’ve come here today to source mechanical and electrical protection for an asset you’re either looking to purchase or own already.


Many consumers are not aware of the following:


  • Comprehensive Insurance only covers accidents, theft, fire and weather-related events. It does not provide cover for mechanical or electrical problems with your asset.


You don’t even need to have any existing manufacturer or Statutory Dealer Warranty to purchase from

Extended Warranty Quoting

All of the current warranty providers we utilise have different requirements, and as such, you may be asked for detailed information or just some basic asset data to complete the quotation.


Where we ask for detailed information, this is usually due to the warranty provider's requirements to produce the required Extended Warranty Cover for you.