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Dashcam and Installation Services - Protect Your Driving Experience

We offer a top-quality dashcam and professional installation service.

Our Dashcam and Installation Service!

Professional Nationwide Installation Services


AutoXtreme Dash Cam

Preview of the M4 Dashcam by Roadview

Powered by the G-On 4, the M4 Roadview Dash Camera is the ultimate in recording quality, featuring an 8MP SONY™ Starvis Sensor with the latest 4K HDR for increased clarity

Enhance your protection with both front & rear cameras both with wide viewing angles to capture every moment.


  • Helps provide evidence in the event of an accident

  • No messy wires as the system is integrated into your vehicle (aka hard wired)

  • Parking Mode enabled which can watch over your vehicle whilst parked in case of an impact or motion detection

  • In any sudden accident, footage can be replayed and saved immediately via the App

  • Includes 5 year Nationwide warranty.

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Benefits of Installing a Dashcam!

There are several benefits to installing a dashcam in your vehicle. These include:


  • Improved road safety: A dashcam can help you become a safer driver by providing a constant reminder that you are being recorded. Knowing that your actions are being recorded can make you more aware of your driving habits, leading to safer driving overall.

  • Evidence in case of accidents: In the event of an accident, a dashcam can provide crucial evidence to help determine fault. This can be especially helpful in situations where fault is disputed.

  • Protection against insurance fraud: Dashcams can also protect you against insurance fraud. Some dishonest drivers may try to cause accidents to collect insurance payouts. With a dashcam, you can provide evidence to show that the accident was not your fault.

  • Peace of mind while driving: Knowing that you have a dashcam installed can provide peace of mind while driving. You can feel more confident knowing that you have a reliable and objective witness in case of an accident.

  • Overall, installing a dashcam in your vehicle is a smart investment that can help protect you and your vehicle while driving.

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