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As Australians embrace domestic travel in 2023, extended road trips may lead to an increased likelihood of vehicle issues and maintenance requirements.

Travel trends for Australia in 2023 based on recent patterns and developments. Keep in mind that these trends can change depending on various factors, such as the global pandemic situation, economic conditions, and evolving consumer preferences.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Travel: Australians may become more conscious of their environmental impact when travelling, seeking eco-friendly accommodations, participating in sustainable activities, and supporting local businesses prioritising conservation and social responsibility.


Immersive Experiences and Slow Travel: Travelers may prioritise immersive experiences that allow them to genuinely connect with local cultures and environments. Slow travel, which involves spending more time in each destination and delving deeper into the local way of life, could become more popular.


Health and Wellness Travel: As mental and physical well-being gains importance, Australians may increasingly seek out travel experiences centred around wellness, including spa retreats, yoga or meditation sessions, and outdoor activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.


Customised and Personalised Travel: With a growing desire for unique experiences, travellers may increasingly seek tailored trips that cater to their specific interests and preferences, including adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion.


Remote Work and Extended Stays: The normalisation of remote work may lead more Australians to combine work and travel, resulting in extended stays or "workations" that allow for deeper exploration of a destination while maintaining professional commitments.


Multi-generational and Group Travel: As families and friends seek to reconnect after prolonged periods of social distancing, multi-generational and group travel may become more popular, with an emphasis on shared experiences and quality time together.


Emphasis on Domestic Travel: Australians may continue to explore their own country using various forms of self-contained travel, such as cars, caravans, 4WDs, and motorhomes, as international travel costs sometimes remain excessive.


Digitalisation and Technology in Travel: Advancements in technology and increased reliance on digital platforms may continue to shape the travel industry, with travellers using apps and online resources for planning, booking, and navigating their trips.


These trends are subject to change and can be influenced by various factors, including global events and societal shifts. Nonetheless, they offer a glimpse into what the future of travel in Australia might look like in 2023.